Manufactured: Viyath Shipyards
Commissioned: Modified Commercial Freighter
Length: 397.6m (alt. 394.9m)
Beam: 164.6m
Height: 67.5m
Ship's Companys: 220 (Officers & Enlisted)
Armaments: 3x Triple Heracles 85L Guns; 2x Bias 50L Guns; 2x Nestor 30L Guns; 4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets; 1x Heavy Lance; 4 x torpedo tube

Though small for a Destroyer, the Gerushda carries significant firepower and has earned a reputation as a 'Cap-Killer' for its remarkably high kill ratio against other capital ships. With three by three main guns, four smaller guns and eight point-defense turrets the Gerushda is already a match for most warships of its size, but the addition of a fixed, forward firing energy lance - capable of cutting through starship hulls like butter - makes it a formidable threat to anything smaller than a battleship. Variations in the cited figures for hull length are thought to depend on whether or not the scatter-fairings either side of the main drive torch are included in the measurement or not.

First appearance: Page 00.14

Source: Link

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