Hal GrisdaleHal

Affiliation: Niobids
Base: Niobe
Gender: Male
Status: Amputee
Occupation: Privateer
Skills: Combat, Engineering, Rifles, Starship gunnery
Augs: Class B, Supplemental (Ocular)
Special: Suffers post-traumatic stress


"What sort of ship are we flying here? Uncle Vaegyr's rest-home for hard-luck cases?"

First Appearance: CD:Chapter1:P1

Strengths: Melee, Crack-Shot

Weaknesses: Charisma, Humility, Spelling

Hal is an exceptionally talented engineer who seems to have had some formal military training in addition to his aborted engineering degree from Tau Ceti University. He boasts an ocular augmentation which gives advanced targeting and range-finding abilities. Hal is loved by all women, at least that’s how he reports it – actual evidence suggests otherwise. CD Database-Characters


Hal is a caucasian man of average height and build with short, blonde hair and blue eye who is often attired in a t-shirt, trousers and sneakers.

Personal PossessionsEdit

  • Sniper Rifle

Psych ProfileEdit


Hal is almost completely self-centred with seemingly little or no regard for others lives, let-alone their needs and feelings, never afraid to leave a man behind or part ways if it will save his own skin. Hal appears to have a belief that he is God's gift to women and that they readily desire casual relations with him or should even feel privledged to bed him. He'll often call people mildly derogatory names such as "bible boy" and "babe" or play jokes on them that only he finds funny. The only person he actually seems to get mildly along with is Vaegyr.


Hal's basic goals appear to be little more than making money and more money. But he's also avoiding some displeased people from his somewhat hazardous past.


Under Construction


Hal studied engineering at Tau Ceti and, despite dropping out, has considerable engineering knowledge and experience, even for very old starships such as the Tantalus class Niobe. He joined the UTC Peace-keeping Force and eventually became a Spec-ops agent. Eventually he met Vaegyr on Grey Station who employed him as an engineer and extra combatant on Niobe.

Following the incident on the Prospero where he was shot in the leg by Dr. Daniel Qian and subsequently had the limb amputated, he separated from the Niobids on hostile terms, re-surfacing approximately six months later in command of a salvage ship in a junk field orbiting Wakea V. Here he made an ill-advised attack on a CDF Training Squadron taking part in a graduation exercise under the invigilation of his former crewmate Commander Kari Tyrell. The engagement was ended when one of the CDF pilots mad a suicidal ramming attack against the salver's bridge, after which no signs of life remained aboard.

Thus, it can reasonably be inferred that Hal Grisdale met his end during this engagement and will play no further part in proceedings.

Additional InformationEdit


Despite apparently leaving the Niobids after their capture by the Cirin Alliance and losing his left leg below the knee when it was shot through by Daniel, its possible that Hal may still try to join them and might even be working to repair Niobe while the others are rescuing Sarah. The only reason for this would likely be to get away from the Cirin Alliance. Whatever the case, there are unresolved and unexplored aspects to Hal's background which are yet to be explored and are either likely to chase him again or affect the Niobids who became involved in his affairs on Grey Station


The Making of Hal


Additional tid bits

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