Vaegyr Anderson WardWard

Alias: Vee
Title: Captain
Affiliation: Niobids
Homeworld: Farhaven
Base: Niobe
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Status: Alive and free
Occupation: Privateer
Skills: Diplomacy, Leadership, Rifles
Augs: unknown
Family: Larissa Ward (wife), Arlene Ward (sister), Tendran Ward (father), Maria Ward (mother)


"Hey, guess what? I'm going into this bridge-like room. Anyone who feels like doing their job is welcome to join me."

First Appearance: CD:Chapter1:P1

Strengths: Charisma, Leadership, Chili-tolerance

Weaknesses: Softy, Trusting, Avoiding trouble

Vaegyr is the captain of Niobe. Having run away from both his family and his homeworld as a teenager, he spent several years jumping from one ship to another, doing whatever jobs were available and learning much along the way. How he came to be the sole owner of Niobe is a mystery, but he always grins slyly when the question is raised. CD Database-Characters


Vaegyr is a capoid man of above average height and strong build, bald on top (but frequently seen with a few days of facial hair growth) and brown eyed. He usually wears a dark trench coat, shirt and trousers with boots.

Personal PossessionsEdit

Psych ProfileEdit


Vaegyr rarely takes things for granted but is generally an optimist and approaches goals with an intention to succeed so that even when the task isn't going completely to plan he's always looking for a way to make it work and often finds one. Despite the stigma and personality generally associated with people in his profession, Vaegyr has a sense of honour and compassion, particularly for his crew (and even former crew members), that tends to earn him a certain level of loyalty from them and respect from all (possibly even Hal). He has a good knack for diplomacy and a charming personality thats earned him some friends in high places over his years in space.


Initially, Vaegyr's dream was to own his own spaceship and he achieved that with Niobe but he also had a great desire to join the R.A.S.F. at one point and was refused. Its unclear if he had a desire to fight with the Republic or against the Alliance but it may have been an early attempt to gain command of a spaceship before he obtained Niobe. For a year he was intent to make money as a privateer but re-evaluated his goals after receiving information about his family from Sapphira and tracked her down. Its unclear what his present objectives are but he likely wishes to leave gaol and regain Niobe or another ship.


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Born on Farhaven, Vaegyr was raised by his mother and an abusive father until the age of 15 when he attacked his father with a knife and ran away into space, eventually leaving the Republic to escape arrest. He spent several years working various jobs, gaining contacts, knowledge and experience until he eventually obtained the Niobe through unknown means. He eventually met and married her current pilot Larissa six years ago before attempting to join the R.A.S.F. He was rejected when he refused to renounce his Cirin citizenship but was given a marque to act as a privateer in service to the Republic instead. Since then he has had a string of successes and near misses until rescuing Kari while scavenging among the debris of the Danzig.

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The Making of Vaegyr


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